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Thank you for visiting the new home for Draleon Institute and my new home on the web, I will be sharing with all of you most of my life work in this website, here you will be able to access memberships, products, classes, workshops, webinars etc.
As you can see, we are just putting together this website, so please be patient we are planning to have updates every week so we can finish the website very soon, by now I want to thank you for visiting and for all of you that want to access some of the meditation you will find the link in this page, happy day everyone :)

Arturo Gaitan
The Draleon Consciousness is Finally Here!
"Be yourself, make it simple..."
- Arturo Gaitan - 
Meditation: Ipso Facta Meditation
For those that have been in the class, you will remember this is a powerful meditation, some people experienced from healing, relaxation, deep soul connection, pain relieves, energizing and much more. 

Yay!!! the ipsofacta meditation is ready, you can click the button below to access the page where you can get a very powerful meditation and make a lot of life changes, manage stress better, re-gain energy and much more in just 5 minutes 8 seconds, enjoy, thank you!
Chapter 2: The Beginning
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